Staff Planner

The staff planner calender allows you to create work "events" for your employees and departments. We call them events but they can be anything you like. Its a really cool tool, it is based within a calender and you can drag and drop the events, extend them, add people to them set departments.
A real world example of this is the following, you have a department set up in Hr Clockcard called warehouse, you could create an event called Morning Shift & One called Afternoon shift, then add the people to the correct shift.
You set the number of people required for the shift and the shift colour changes as you add people to it. Red Event = Not enough People for the shift, Green = Exactly the right amount of staff for the shift and orange = that you have to many people for the shift.
This will also show in the employee portal, so an employee can see what shifts they are booked onto.